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October 2, 2014

Zarb Executive Speaker Event- Co-Sponsored by Hofstra InvestmentBanking Association(HIBA)

It was a great experience of co-sponsoring executive speaker event where Mr. Kenneth Topping, Managing Director, Asset Management division of Goldman Sachs came as a guest speaker and talked about Leadership Development at Goldman Sachs. Students had a great time speaking about career opportunities at Goldman Sachs and Mr. Topping also enjoyed coming back to Hofstra. He is a BS Computer Science, 1988 graduate from Hofstra University.

Dean Patrick Socci, Dean of Frank G. Zarb School of Business, Hofstra University opened the event by introducing Mr. Topping to the audience.

Dr. K.G. Viswanathan (Chairperson, Finance Department), Dr. Steven Krull (Faculty, Finance Department), Mr. Mehmet Eren (Past Secretary, HIBA 2013-14) and Mr. Keith Eisenberg (Treasurer, HIBA) along with others were present at the event.

(Right) Mr. Kenneth Topping (MD, Asset Management, Goldman Sachs) and Mr. Gaurav Gupta (President, Hofstra Investment Banking Association) presenting gift of honor

Left to Right- Mr. Jingxuan Chen(VP, HIBA), Mr. Gaurav Gupta (President, HIBA), Mr. Kenneth Topping (MD, Asset Management-Goldman Sachs) and Ms. Barbara Church Kattan (Director, Zarb Graduate Business Career Center)

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