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July 2, 2010

trip to Dalhousie-Chamba-khajjiar-Kala top

At the start of the trip at 3am.
The halt at a bridge enroute Phagwara. Partik, Manav, Pamma, Navit and Me.
Me and Partik, enjoying the ride.
The itinerants taking rest. Vinny, Partik, Navit, Me and Manav.
Navit, Vinny and Partik striking a pose for the camera.
During our lunch time. Pamma, Vinny and Navit.
At the Gandhi Chowk, Dalhousie. Me, Manav, Vinny, Partik and Pamma.
Me mesmerizing the beauty of nature.
Again me striking for a pose.
Me, Vinny and Navit enjoying sitting on a log of tree at a place somewhere between Dalhousie and Khajjiar.
Again we all posing for the camera.
Navit showing his wanderer looks... :)
Trying to climb it up to the hill.
Me, Pamma and Vinny on the way to Kala Top, which is in between Dalhousie and Khajjiar. Kala Top is at a  distance of 3km trek.
At last we all reached Kala Top. What a natural beauty it was.
The picture speaks itself. The rest house at Kala Top was established in 1925.
Some views at Kala Top.
Me and Navit Posing for the camera.
Partik, Vinny and Me, while on the way back to the parking where our bikes were parked.
We all in a single queue heading forwards.. 
The view of Khajjiar at night.
Some camera trick by pamma. Good job indeed!
Khajjiar in early morning.
My bike resting amidst the trees of the hills of Khajjiar.
At a petrol pump in Chamba.
On the way to Sach Pass.
Pamma and Me had got a fancy of these lambs and goats... :P
The landslide.
The policewalas at checkpost warning us of the terrorists that might be present ahead. 
They even cautioned us, if we were found doing some mysterious things then the army men their would even shot us. We were all scared literally.
The drive through a Landslide area. 
Water curtain.
We all pose.
Thats at Kalavan, 10 km to Sach pass... Though we couldn't make it to Sach Pass, but this place was equally fun too...
On the way back to Chamba from Kalavan.
Some dam on the way to Pathankot from Dalhousie.

This trip was a fun too... 
Total days- 3
Total expenses per head- 3000Rs
Bikes' conditions:
1. Mine- hunky dory
2. Pamma's- hunky dory
3. Navit's- foot rest broken and the chainset gave some problems. So he had to get his bike repaired at Chamba.


shuchi said...

Really gud.....i liked all pics....specially the one which is with "MEMNA in ur hand " ....

gaurav gupta said...

thanks mam.... :)

gaurav gupta said...

and mam there are other posts too... look at the top left of this page and u will find links to other pages too... u will enjoy i am sure

geetu said...

Beautiful pics.. Gaurav
Luks like u had a wonderful trip!!!

gaurav gupta said...

@geetu.... thnx geetu... yes i rly had a wonderful time there... n all others too..:P

nIcK said...

realll like this Trip.......If it is Possible can i B The part of Your Next Trip??

gaurav gupta said...