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April 8, 2010

trip to uttaranchal and nepal

2 countries, 6 states, 2 bikes, 2 bikers, 4 days, 1700kms

Riders: GRV(Team A2B) on pulsar 220cc S, and Amit Kumar on pulsar 200cc

After coming back from the rajasthan trip last month, we were getting
bored and decided to go for a long trip again. i cooked up an idea for
a trip to kinnaur, but I had to drop the idea as my friend Atul (aka
Himalayan Rider from Team A2B) told me the roads were closed. So I had
to change the idea but we again were excited about our trip to
Nainital, which was only decided about 3 hours before leaving for the
trip. Even though he told me about the curfew in Bareilly, I didn't
change my mind this time and just planned about the trip. I just
called my cousin in Bareilly to tell him that i was coming and get
lunch and accommodation ready for me.

I (Gaurav Gupta) asked my friend Amit Kumar Ranjha owning a P200  about my plan, if he
wanted to join me. He replied in affirmative as usual.

Day 1:

Leaving for our trip at 2am, we bid farewell to our friends at the
hostel. We crossed Zirakpur (Punjab). We reached Panipat(Haryana) at
around 5am, where I had to sleep on the pavement adjoining the road as
I was very sleepy. We both had a nap for around 15 minutes. It was a
nice windy night. The GT road leading to Delhi is well tarred n smooth
to ride a bike on. I was feeling as if the bike was being ridden on a
carpet of flowers (exaggerated). Anyways, we reached Hapur via Delhi,
which lies in Uttar Pradesh at 8 in the morning. The road till
Hapur(NH 24) was very fine, but after that the road was bumpy with
many pits. Braving the sun’s heat and the tiring ride, we reached some
Shiva Dhaba on the way, where we had our breakfast. As we all know,
Uttar Pradesh has the most number of buffaloes in India, many of them
became hurdles on our way. Anyways, we reached Bareilly cantonment
till afternoon. There I had to stay at my cousin’s place, who is Lt.
Col. Amit Sharma in Indian army. There we had a very nice stay and
got fresh till next morning. While there, we cooked a plan for going
to Nepal, as was suggested by my cousin. We both then searched maps
for the roads to Tanakpur (India-Nepal border in Uttaranchal).

Day 2:

Deciding to go through Khatima, we left for Nepal the next day. We
reached Tanakpur at around 12:20pm. But we were not allowed to enter
Nepal as the timings at that border are from 12-3pm. So, we decided to
go through the other border which is Gadda Chowki around 10 kms from
Banbasa. We had to get the passes for our bikes’ entry to Nepal. We
went to Mahendranagar (Champawat distt), the first station in Nepal.
We were not allowed to go further as Mr. Koirala had died that day. So
we decided to stay at Nainital that night. Resting for around 2 hours
in Mahendranagar, We left for Nainital via Kathgodam. On the way, we
found a giant water body, called Nanak Sagar Dam, Nanakmatta. We
reached Nainital that evening. Got our room booked at Army Holiday
Home, in front of Naini lake. Roamed about in the market and the
governor’s house. Went off to bed early, as we had to go to Badrinath,
the next day.

Day 3:

We woke up early to the fresh air of Nainital. We left for Ranikhet.
Ranikhet is a well known place for its beautiful landscapes. Had our
breakfast there and then left for destination, i.e. Badrinath (one of
the four dhams). Going through Karnprayag and Nandprayag, We reached
Joshimath till 5pm. There we had some rest and then left for
badrinath. We were disappointed to learn that, we were not allowed to
go beyond Pandukeshwar(20 kms before Badrinath) as the roads were
closed. We had a sad mood for a while but then we started off for
Srinagar(Garhwal in Uttaranchal) for our night stay. The roads were
really awesome on the way. I was told by some passerby that the fish
at Nandprayag was very famous and delicious. So I made my mind to have
fish while on the way. So I had fish and it was really as good as was
told by the guy. Having had fish, we finally left for Srinagar. Had a
night stay at some Kaali Maari guest house. Next day, we had to travel
400 kms.

Day 4:

We had to reach Rishikesh as early as possible so that we could reach
Chandigarh soon. So we woke up very early. Left early too. We crossed
Devprayag on the way to Rishikesh. The road was in good condition. We
reached Rishikesh at around 9am. Had some stay at a local dhaba and
had our breakfast there. We decided to go to Renuka lake( in Himachal
Pradesh) on our way back to Chandigarh. We reached Paunta Sahib
(Himachal Pradesh) at 12pm and had cold drinks to chill ourselves away
from the baking heat. We then reached Renuka lake at 2pm. The road
leading to the lake was very less travelled by. It also It was an
awesome experience going through that road. Stayed there for around 2
hours and then left. We reached Mal village in half n hour, where we
had tea and it really an awesome place, very peaceful and soothing. We
then left for Chandigarh.

The ride had become tiring, and every mile seemed to be a thousand
miles leading to Chandigarh. We somehow tried and reached Chandigarh
in not more than 2 hours. It was a nice trip and nice experience to
drive through those 6 states, viz. Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar
Pradesh, Uttaranchal, and Himachal Pradesh. The bikes didn’t even give
us a single problem. The pulsar family rocks.

P.S.- We had to come back from Srinagar, as we fell short of money,
else we had planned to go to Gangotri, Yamunotri and Kedarnath also.

*Total Expenditure-Rs. 3500

GRV(Team A2B)

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