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May 9, 2011

A new family member-Tweet!

Hi all,
I am hereby going to tell you all about our new family member called Tweet. He is a Black Labrador retriever. Ever since, I brought him home on 28th of April, 2011, I am in love with him like anything. He looks into my eyes like an innocent child and asks me for my love and licks me. I too hold him tightly in love. Its like he is a part of me. My mother, is also very fond of him, and sometimes keep shouting at me as he keeps littering around and creates a  mess in the house. But, still she loves him like her own son. He keeps roaming around my mom, as he wants to play with her. He holds her feet and starts licking her feet and asks that he wants to play with her.
My father too, when he comes from his office, plays with him. Tweet is like a baby in our house and has brought happiness in our home. Here are some of his pics.

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