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December 15, 2010

Itinerary For India Tour.

Serial Number
29th December, 2010
30th December, 2010
31st December, 2010
1st  January, 2011
2nd January, 2011
3rd January, 2011
4th January, 2011
5th  January, 2011
6th  -7th January, 2011
8th January, 2011
9th – 10th January, 2011
11th January, 2011
12th – 16th January, 2011
17th January, 2011
Mumbai(or, Pune)
18th January, 2011
19th January, 2011
Via Rann of Kutch to Mt. Abu
20th January, 2011
21st January, 2011
Riders- 2
Bikes- P220cc and P200cc
Proposed distance-8000kms
estimated expenses- 30000 per head

December 10, 2010

Tea with pakode at Kasauli- An ultimate tea.

It was a usual morning. I gave a call to one of my friends, Pamma. I asked if he wanted to accompany me to kasauli just to have tea. He just said yes and told me he would get ready in another hour. So I was supposed to reach his place in around 45 minutes. I had my breakfast at my hostel. Taking my gloves, wind cheater and helmet, I left for his place.I reached his place in around 10 minutes at 10:55am. So, we left for Kasauli at around 11:15am.
We then dared through the overly crowded roads of Chandigarh as well as Panchkula, and made it to a place somewhere on the way to Kasauli, which was around 35 kms away from Chandigarh. It was 12pm at that time. Clicked some photographs there.

Then we left at 12:15pm. I was enjoying every bit of the view of that beautiful nature running beside me. The cold breeze that blew around me, gave me an impression as if I were simply flying in the sky. Then at around 12:45pm, we again took some rest and clicked few more pics.

We had covered a distance of 45 kms by then. Then after sometime, we left for Kasauli, as it was the destination to our tea...:)... Then, at 1:30pm we reached Kasauli, around 60kms travelled.
Pamma took me to the tea stall, where he had always had his tea during his summers training in June, 2010. We ordered a piece of Gachak, 2 cups of tea, 250gms matrees and 250gms Pakode. Believe me, the stuff was too delicious to eat and that too in only 35rs. The cool weather added an awesome ambiance to have tea. It was just an awesome experience at that time. We had our tea with some cold air blowing and sometimes sun rays showering upon us.

Having our tea, we then moved to the lower mall to have fish fry there. But, to our surprise, we found that the market would be closed for the next 10 days, so the shop keeper did not keep enough stock of fish. The market is kept closed for 10 days in December every year as a rule made by the army there.
Disheartened, we moved towards a very beautiful trail called 'Gilbert Trail'. Pamma had discovered this trail while for his training in June. We then started off with the trail after parking our bikes. The trail is around 700mtrs long. We found an old person sitting at the corner of the trail reading newspaper. It was a nice view altogether. We kept walking towards the Gilbert Point with Pamma clicking pics all the way.

In no time, we reached the end of the trail. Seriously, it was such a beauty. I was feeling as if in heaven. Pamma left no angle to click the pics at that time. I sat on a bench facing the trench.

Aah! it was a relieving moment. We spent around half an hour there and then moved towards the bikes. The trail was some what risky. But it was good. We, then reached our bikes at around 2:45pm. Then left that place at 3pm.

We started our journey back. We reached Dharampur at 3:20pm. Then I started having a lot of fun driving after Dharampur, as I was curving my bike after about 6 months. Wow! The road was such a nice track for the ride. We reached Jabli at 3:45pm. There, I had mutton and rice while Pamma had Dal and Rice at Modern Dhaba near Mc Donalds. Mutton and Rice were too delicious.
We paid only 120 rupees for both. Then, started our journey way back to Chandigarh. The vehicles on NH21 were driving at speeds no less than 100kmph. I was almost scared to death when a speeding truck just overtook me. Whoa! I took a deep breath n kept moving. Anyways, we reached Chandigarh at 5pm.

*Total Distance- 130km
**Total Expenditure- 300rs per head.

December 8, 2010

Preparing for my trip to kanyakumari

Having thought of going for this trip since last two years. immediately after coming from Leh trip. I am preparing for the trip to kannyakumari, covering whole of the Golden Quadrilateral as well as the total coastal region of India. I was waiting restlessly for the month of December to come as I am going to Kanyakumari on the 30th of December. I completed with my exams on 6th of December.
As soon as i completed with my exams, I told my parents about my trip. To my surprise, mom was not much anti trip instead she was like, its your wish son. I was happy having heard that. My parents already knew about my trips to Nepal, Rajasthan, Leh-Ladakh etc on my bike, which I never told them that I am going to these trips. So, according to me, they now know about my passion of biking. That's why they were not so anti trip.
Ok, now I tell you about my preparations of the trip. I completed with my exams on 6th of December. Immediately after I came out of my examination hall, I started off to Sector-21, which is the most prominent place to buy things for the bike, such as helmets, bungee cords, gloves, puncture kit etc.
The things that I bought from the sector were front and rear tyres for my bike, as the earlier ones are ripped. Then I bought gloves, puncture kit and not to forget, a foot air pump. I am really not able to stay calm, as goose bumps keep coming to me. Only 22 days are left for the trip and I am so excited about the  trip that I feel like shouting like hell....
Now, I will write about my trip when i return. Take care till then!

July 2, 2010

trip to Dalhousie-Chamba-khajjiar-Kala top

At the start of the trip at 3am.
The halt at a bridge enroute Phagwara. Partik, Manav, Pamma, Navit and Me.
Me and Partik, enjoying the ride.
The itinerants taking rest. Vinny, Partik, Navit, Me and Manav.
Navit, Vinny and Partik striking a pose for the camera.
During our lunch time. Pamma, Vinny and Navit.
At the Gandhi Chowk, Dalhousie. Me, Manav, Vinny, Partik and Pamma.
Me mesmerizing the beauty of nature.
Again me striking for a pose.
Me, Vinny and Navit enjoying sitting on a log of tree at a place somewhere between Dalhousie and Khajjiar.
Again we all posing for the camera.
Navit showing his wanderer looks... :)
Trying to climb it up to the hill.
Me, Pamma and Vinny on the way to Kala Top, which is in between Dalhousie and Khajjiar. Kala Top is at a  distance of 3km trek.
At last we all reached Kala Top. What a natural beauty it was.
The picture speaks itself. The rest house at Kala Top was established in 1925.
Some views at Kala Top.
Me and Navit Posing for the camera.
Partik, Vinny and Me, while on the way back to the parking where our bikes were parked.
We all in a single queue heading forwards.. 
The view of Khajjiar at night.
Some camera trick by pamma. Good job indeed!
Khajjiar in early morning.
My bike resting amidst the trees of the hills of Khajjiar.
At a petrol pump in Chamba.
On the way to Sach Pass.
Pamma and Me had got a fancy of these lambs and goats... :P
The landslide.
The policewalas at checkpost warning us of the terrorists that might be present ahead. 
They even cautioned us, if we were found doing some mysterious things then the army men their would even shot us. We were all scared literally.
The drive through a Landslide area. 
Water curtain.
We all pose.
Thats at Kalavan, 10 km to Sach pass... Though we couldn't make it to Sach Pass, but this place was equally fun too...
On the way back to Chamba from Kalavan.
Some dam on the way to Pathankot from Dalhousie.

This trip was a fun too... 
Total days- 3
Total expenses per head- 3000Rs
Bikes' conditions:
1. Mine- hunky dory
2. Pamma's- hunky dory
3. Navit's- foot rest broken and the chainset gave some problems. So he had to get his bike repaired at Chamba.